Steph and Jer (and newly added Maggie-Rose) Rottier live in a little village called Hurlach, which is in Bavaria, Germany. We’ve been here since 2007, when we came to do the School of Biblical Studies with Youth With A Mission here in Hurlach. It was a life-changing experience and we’ve been here (pretty much) ever since. Our goal in being here is to impact young people (more specifically Germans) with the great message of hope we have in the Bible. We want to equip them with the tools to study the Bible in a way that will have a lasting impression. We’re really excited to be here and we feel extremely blessed to be able to do what we do.

Contact us: Stephanie / Jeremy Rottier – Youth With A Mission
Address: Schloss Hurlach – Schlossgasse 1 – 86857 Hurlach – Deutschland
Phone: (office) 011-49-8248-122-38 / (home) 011-49-8248-7423
Email: (J) / (S)
Check out Stephanie’s Jewelry:
Sponsor us online (tax deductible):


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  1. Serena said

    I like you guys.

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