Song of Songs 2:11 “…The flowers appear and the time of singing has come…”

It is spring once again here in Germany. The snowdrops and crocuses are in full bloom, and it feels a little magical yet again. This is my favourite time of year, as I am reminded why I love this country so much. Spring already in March? Yes please!

Goings on:: There’s a LOT going on these days and we’re having a lot of fun because “The Missing Link” JUST STARTED! (Just to clarify, “The Missing Link” is not the latest paleontological find but rather a Bible Reading Course we will be running in April.) We have been working hard on teachings and projects for the course, which began April 17th. YIKES, time flew by! All of us in the SBS have been anxious to get started, as this is the first time the course will run and we have a full class! Reading through the Old Testament in one month is no easy task, but we hope to make it fun with decorations, costumes and feasts. It promises to be an intense but wonderful time.

On the Horizon:: Jeremy and I were asked to teach some SBS classes in two different YWAM bases in two different countries! We are so excited for these opportunities, as it’s been a goal of ours to go and teach elsewhere and to be a part of SBS worldwide. We will be teaching three days in Wiler, Switzerland at the end of May, and three days in Kiev, Ukraine at the end of June. In addition to teaching abroad, we will still have plenty to do back here, as the SBS is also hosting a European School of Biblical Studies consultation at the beginning of June. It’s not going to be boring around here, that’s for sure.

A few prayer requests::
: A prayer of thanks, as a good friend of ours bought us the plane tickets we needed in order to go and teach in Kiev, Ukraine. What an amazing, surprising blessing that was for us! : We have a lot of work ahead of us, with the Missing Link, and us each preparing three books to teach in Switzerland and Ukraine. Please pray for focus and for God’s direction on what He wants to say through us and through his word. : We have also really been praying for a new place to live, as we hope to expand our family and therefore will need a bigger place. There have been two “perfect” places that have come and gone (sigh) which has been pretty emotional for us, but we have heard the same message over and over: “God has a perfect place for us in his perfect time.” We are now not only praying for a place to live, but for the patience to wait for the REAL perfect one (not just one that seems that way) and the wisdom to know when it’s the right time to move.

Margaret-Rose:: Maggie is doing just wonderful! She is learning to walk, and after some a good training program of pushing a toy stroller around the Castle basketball court outside all by herself, she can now WALK! She has also discovered the joy of pulling out grass, and we have had fun digging in the sand box. Turns out she doesn’t like the taste of sand… lesson learned. Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated her first birthday party, and have included some pictures. The theme was Spring, of course!!

Around the World:: We have a new feature in our news letter. It’s called “Around the World”. We want to introduce some of our fellow missionaries. People we know who are serving in other places “Around the world”. We’d like you to meet Gulab. He is from India, serving with YWAM, in the Philippines with his wife, Silma, and their brand new baby Preeti. They are a part of what they call “dump ministry” where they work with families who actually live in dumps. This work includes feeding and washing TB patients, first aid, and leading bible studies. They also work with teams of DTS (discipleship training school) students, leading outreaches and teaching. If you would like to know more about them and what they do, please ask us and we can get their newsletter sent to you as well! Here are some of their prayer requests:
: Thanksgiving that the birth of their baby went well
: They need more financial support, not only on
a monthly basis, but also to pay for the delivery
of their baby.
: That there will be healing among the TB patients
they are working with and safety for all the staff
working there.

Thanks for reading our newsletter! We are so appreciative that every one of you is in our lives. We really do feel your prayers and support alllll the way over here! Be blessed and enjoy spring!! Love,
Stephanie, Jeremy and Margaret-Rose

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