A new year and a new home

Well, here we are again! Back in the thriving metropolis of Hurlach, Germany! We’ve been back for about a month now, and we are diving right in, preparing for our next school, The Missing Link, which starts mid-April.

(if you want to learn more about The Missing Link, check this link: http://www.wix.com/biblelink/the-missing-link)


We are living in the Castle again, which we are excited about. The apartment we have is just lovely, with lots of light and a lovely roommate, our friend DonnaJames from Colorado! She did her SBS with us in 2007 and is back to help staff the Missing Link. We are having fun living with her and she is great with Maggie, which is a HUGE help!

A more Permanent Home

We’re excited to be back here in the Castle and it’s great to be back at work. We have a contract to work for YWAM here in Germany for the next 5 years. The last year has been an intense one and we’re looking forward to putting roots down in Germany.We definitely miss Canada and hope to return sometime during those five  years but for now, Hurlach will be our home.


Our time in Canada

We had so much fun at home last year! What a blessing it was to be there for six whole months! We halved our time between the Rottier farm, and Stephanie’s Mom’s place in the city, which was great for the grandparents, as well as for us! Maggie took full advantage of her time with them, cuddling with Beppe, and watching Baby Einstein with Gramma B.


Highlights from our time in Canada:

*we took a one month road trip that took us to Kananaskis, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland (and area) and Montana. It was GREAT to see all our friends in those places again… it had been too long.

* we got to be home for Maggie’s first Christmas! She got as spoiled as she could, with our baggage weight restriction! (we still had to bring a few extra suitcases back to Germany with us)

*we really loved spending one on one time with people in their homes. It was such a blessing to see what God is doing in our friends lives at home, and to be able to just share life together.

Here are some pictures from Maggie’s first Christmas:

God’s great provision

Besides spending time with Family, one of our main goals for our time in Canada was to pay off our debt. When we left Germany, we owed the Castle money as well as on our credit card. God provided some wonderful means to pay off this debt and so by working on the farm and through the generous gifts of friends and family, we are pleased to say that our debts were almost completely taken care of. It really was amazing to see.

Another goal we had was to find more people to support us on a monthly basis. It was really amazing to see how God worked, inspiring people to stand behind us and the work we’re doing here. We want to thank all of you who support us, those of you who have committed to monthly donations, those who have given unexpected one time gifts and especially those who pray for us, your faithfulness is inspiring and challenging us to continue to work hard to live out God’s will for our lives.

What’s Next!

Here’s a bit of what we’re going to be up to in the next months:

-We mentioned The Missing Link before, which is a four week seminar on the Old Testament (Read through the whole Old Testament in FOUR WEEKS! – spots still available). We are both teaching in this, and are SUPER excited to get it going!

-We are also still looking for a larger apartment, but there aren’t very many affordable places available in the village. Please pray that God provides us with the perfect place.

-Jeremy has also committed to helping out at a youth drop in center in a neighbouring village called Schwabmuenchen, and does that almost every Friday night. Please pray as many of the kids coming to this place are troubled and involved in drugs.

-We are also both doing a German learning program called Rosetta Stone. It’s part of a new initiative in the Castle community and we’re looking forward to getting started!


Thanks again to all of you for your continued support and love. You all mean so much to us.


The Rottiers.

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