March 14, 2010

Oh MAN! this is getting ridiculous…I mean, I know that this is pretty normal but the waiting game is killing me!

Oh, and just so you know, I’m talking about Steph being pregnant…still! It’s a bit of a crazy situation, with people asking daily if the baby’s here yet, with the constant wondering if this is the day, with the “tentative” plans made and so on….it’s a very surreal situation at the moment. People ask if I’m excited…kind of but I don’t think it’s hit me yet. Of course I’m really looking forward to seeing our baby but yeah…it’s still pretty surreal like I said.

SO…for the last 2 days we’ve been in the hospital and it’s been…ok. Saturday morning we went in to get an ECG done (monitors the baby’s heartbeat) and all is good in that regard. Then we were told to come back in the evening and check Stephanie in and then at midnight they gave her the “cocktail” (Castor oil, Sekt – sparkling wine, and Orange juice) to induce labour. Steph’s mom and I were at the hospital until about 10:30 when they told us to go home. SO we did, and then at about 5:00 this morning Steph called me to tell me that she was having big contractions and I should come to the hospital. So off we went. And were there all day, lots of contractions, lots of walking to help things along, lots of swinging our hips (I was participating so Steph didn’t feel awkward…it was still a big awkward but more funny than awkward) to get the baby in the right position and…still nothing really.

So…we’re still waiting. She was told to take the afternoon off, given some pills to help calm the contractions so she can relax, and then we’ll check in at 5:30 tonight to see how things are going and if things continue the way they have, we’ll start up again tomorrow morning.

As frustrating as it is playing the waiting game, we have some AMAZING people who are helping us with this whole process. The midwife who’s been working with us the most has been SO awesome and SO helpful and she speaks English really well and we’re really really really blessed to have someone like that there. Also, there’s a family who works here with YWAM who have been away for the last week and they lent us their vehicle and OH MAN, that has been awesome. It’s ridiculous how blessed we are. So much support and so many friends…amazing.

All right, that’s all for now, I’m off to grab a quick nap before heading back to the hospital. Peace,


p.s. here’s some pictures to hold you until there’s baby pictures to see. Steph was wearing all black one day so we decided to take pictures of the pregnant ninja who’s been living in our house.


One Response to “waiting…”

  1. Enoch said

    so awesome!! love you guys. it won’t be long now. wooty wooty

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