watching the olympics in Germany

February 19, 2010

So…being in Germany, watching the Olympics from Vancouver has been…interesting. Let me set the stage first here, I love the Olympics. I know that it’s become an over-commercialized lame-fest in a lot of ways but seriously, I love it. When I was home, I loved coming back from work and watching whatever was on: snowboarding, skeleton, oh and of course, hockey!

So back to Germany, we’re living in a new place now with acceptably fast internet and no tv…which is good, I didn’t like TV in Canada and here…I’ll talk about that some other time maybe. SO anyway, having an internet connection that makes it even possible to consider attempting to watch live-stream Olympic sports has led to problems: how the heck can I get a live-feed in english?

I tried the site but…no dice. Couldn’t even watch the highlights. Then I tried another site that promised the live-stream but first the site crashed, then it required that you fill out some ridiculous “survey” in order to watch anything, then it didn’t work anyway. SO finally, I was able to get a live-stream from the website of the German television station ZDF, not English but hey, I can kind of understand what’s they’re saying and it’s good quality stuff. Watching Canada attempt to beat Switzerland = Good Times. THEN, they decide that it’s better to show Skeleton (luge on your stomach) instead of the rest of the game! SO I quickly searched around and finally found a live-stream in Swedish! And let me tell you, it was beautiful. What an amazing (sounding) language. It really made the experience a lot of fun…and in the end, Canada won the game and all was right in the world…

SO yeah, it’s amazing the kinds of things you find out about when you can’t just turn on the tv and watch…I rather enjoyed my multi-lingual hockey experience…hope it’s as fun the next game. In the meantime, GO CANADA GO!!

Oh, and check this out:—Kanada


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