moving to a new place…

February 9, 2010

so…unknown to likely many of you, we recently moved to a new apartment in the lovely village of Hurlach. While it has been amazing to see how blessed we are with friends and great people who have jumped in to help us in SO many ways, this move has not been without its difficulties.

1. We’re moving away from the Castle into a flat in the village, which means a LOT of the ways we were used to doing things have changed. Such as: garbage, phone, internet, shoveling snow in the winter, distance to work, and the list goes on.

2.Let me elaborate on the phone and internet situation. We now have a phone but for a while did not. This was because of a complicated process of changing account owners which should NOT have been complicated. The former tenant is a lady who used to work for YWAM but is retired and moved to another city. She called Telekom (pretty much the main phone company in Germany) and they said that all she had to do was fill out some papers which they sent to her. We then took those papers to a Telekom store where we were informed that this was not enough. We then called their customer service (actually someone else called for us because it was all in German) and were informed that it was easier to cancel the account and then start our own account. Back to the former tenant who called Customer Service again and was told that we could fax in the papers and then change the account to whatever we wanted after this. Which we did, and it worked! SO ridiculous. Seriously, it was like the dude at the store just didn’t want to deal with it…which is very possible. Those kinds of things happen here. Anyway, phone we now have…still waiting on the internet stuff to come in the mail. Good times…

So yeah, we’re REALLY glad to be in our new place, the last months have been intense but yeah, we’re pretty amazed that we can live in a place like this. Here’s a look at the place before and after moving in:


One Response to “moving to a new place…”

  1. Cherie-Lynn said

    I am waiting with you! Hope all is well and baby is fine. Get as much rest as you can!
    Be blessed!

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